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Talks on networking, communication and legal topics at the Fair of the Legal Profession in Europe and the Mediterranean Arc

Networking, the legal profession and the media, international taxation, marketing and communication through social networks and data protection. These are some of the topics of the different talks organised as part of the First Fair of the Legal Profession in Europe and the Mediterranean Arc, to be held in Barcelona from 2nd to 4th February 2011.

Alongside the working sessions planned by the event’s organisers, the Marqués de Comillas room at the Drassanes (Avda. Drassanes, s/n) will be hosting various talks connected with the profession given by some of the top experts.


Networking, the importance of marketing for businesses’ development and the rise of new technology will form the topics of many of the talks.

Pippa Blakemore, strategic partner in Pep Partnership, is to talk about the importance of networking as a technique for managing and expanding a network of professional contacts.

Miquel Lladó, a business adviser, will be going a step further and providing the keys to keeping up good communication between the members of any professional’s network of contacts.

Genís Roca, a managing partner in Roca Salvatella, will be giving a presentation about marketing and communication via social networks, explaining which tools are the most popular and which are the most suitable for each firm.

Jeremy Shulman and James Love, members of Leeds Legal, will be discussing the application of marketing to the management of small and medium-sized law firms on the basis of their own experience.

Toni Rodríguez, a graduate in law and in journalism and head of the Intermedia agency, will be assessing the relationship built up between lawyers and the media.


Other talks are also planned on strictly legal topics which may be of interest to those attending the Fair. Thus, for example, the lawyer of the Luxemburg bar Beatriz García will be giving an introduction to international taxation, the clerk of court Carmen Bernal will be talking about European small debts proceedings and Pedro Rodríguez López Lemus, president of ANDCE, the Andalusian E-commerce Association, will explain the data protection regulations with regard to the possibilities and limitations of the legal profession.

Vicente Pérez-Daudí, lecturer in Procedural Law at the University of Barcelona (UB), Lionel Miniato, lecturer at the Juan-François Champollion university centre in Toulouse, and Mario Zopellari, vice-president of the Corte di Giustizia Federale FIGC, are to give a talk on how to bring an action for payment in France, Italy and Spain.

A talk on the free circulation directive given by Julian Lonbay, director of the Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies (CPE) is to complete the programme.

Lawyers from 51 countries have been invited to take part in the First Fair of the Legal Profession in Europe and the Mediterranean Arc, a pioneering project organised by the Barcelona College of Lawyers with the goal of becoming the shared space where lawyers, wherever they are from, can meet one another, exchange experiences, create synergies and share business opportunities in order to grow and improve together.






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