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Legal Magazine of Catalonia (RJC)

Guidelines for the publication of manuscripts

Ever since its foundation in 1895, the Revista Jurídica de Catalunya (RJC) has built up a reputation as a Law journal offering professionals a mean to discuss the most frequent juridical matters.

To achieve its purpose, the RJC provides a platform for interdisciplinary debate on the Law matters and on Catalan Law in particular, and it looks for creative contributions on both the theory and practice of Law. The journal publishes high quality articles from both professionals and academics of recognised prestige, as well as from young people starting out on professionals careers in their respective disciplines.

1. Presentation of manuscripts. Manuscripts dealing with all aspects of the Law, whether public or private, are accepted for publication by the RJC. When it considers it convenient to do so, the Editorial Board may commission manuscripts in areas or aspects where development or discussion are deemed necessary.

2. Evaluation of manuscripts. Manuscripts submitted to the RJC will be evaluated by independent anonymous reviewers. Manuscripts that are not accepted for publication will not be returned to the author, nor will any correspondence regarding them be maintained.

3. Format of the manuscripts. Manuscripts should be submitted in electronic format and sent to the RJC email address ( The lenght of the articles must not exceed 30 pages of text, and one-and-a-half line spacing and font size 12 should be used throughout. The articles should be accompanied by an abstract in English as well as in the language of the original manuscript. Authors should include their e-mail address in order to facilitate the exchange of opinions regarding the work published.

Acceptance of the manuscript for publication implies the application of these guide lines.

4. Language. The RJC accepts originals submitted in both Catalan and Spanish. Articles in any other language of the European Union may also be admitted.

5. Original work. Work sent to the RJC for publication must be original and must not have been published in any other place or in any other language. All reproduction, distribution and public communication rights for the work, including making it available interactively belong to the RJC. Therefore, authors who wish to reproduce their work elsewhere, whether in whole or in part, following its publication in the RJC, must request authorisation and they must indicate in a footnote that it is a reproduction of work that has already been published in the RJC, indicating the number of the issue and the specific pages.





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